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EHP’s impressive marina, which accommodates boats from 25ft to 120ft across 58 slips, will provide ultimate accessibility for those traveling to EHP by yacht, enabling the yachting community to dock, enjoy a meal at Sí Sí and indulge throughout the day with friends and family.

Where the good life is savored.

Inspired by coastal Mediterranean dining experiences, Si Si, or “yes yes,” in both Italian and Spanish, immerses you in the sun-kissed flavors of Italy, Greece, Spain, Morocco and beyond. Both innovative and timeless, this is food that celebrates vibrant, seasonal and local ingredients that elevate dishes like Si Si’s signature Paella, Roasted Striped Bass or Bucatini Verde with Lobster. Both day and night become unforgettable as you gaze out on Three Mile Harbor with a glass of world-class wine or a handcrafted cocktail from our signature Sunset Hour menu. Indulge the senses all sunset long.

Sí Sí is open for weddings and private events all year long.  


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